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Haircut 200ml Candle
  • Haircut 200ml Candle

    Walk down any crowded street in an Indian city and you'll find an impromptu barber's shop set up with slick slapping stylists snipping, shampooing, and shaving. Amidst the grooming, there's an unmistakable smell in the air.​


    · 400 gram (12 oz) candle

    · 25+ hours of completely non-toxic throw (scent)

    · Packaged in a sturdy card box or premium gift box

    · Comes with a white frosted finish as well as a colored frosting finish that matches the color of the wax inside

    · Candle is also availalbe in a clay pot that is 1.5 times the size of our 200ml glasses


      Shipping for Rs. 1000 or more worth of products inside India is free.

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